Sondra Venable lives and works in New Orleans. She has over 40 years of experience in creating beautiful calligraphy. (Above are a few of her most recent pieces;  to see more, scroll down or go to the Lettering Styles and Services pages on this site.)


Her projects range from a single word, or even letter:


to multiple-page books:

and from simple, unadorned lettering:

to complex layouts:

to elaborate decorations:


Out of the Silence (Seattle, February-June 2013)  http://out-of-the-silence-exhibit.artistwebsites.com/index.html

Where Y’art cooperative www.whereyart.net


Bound and Lettered (Vol. 10, #4) July 2013

Weekly Volcano http://www.weeklyvolcano.com/entertainment/visual-edge/2013/02/Calligraphic-art-exhibit-Out-of-the-Silence-promotes-dialogue-in-Olympia/


She also holds a PhD in political science and is the author of Protecting Lake Baikal: Environmental Policy Making in Russia’s Transition


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